{Pictures} How To Save Media Files From WhatsApp To SD Card or Phone

There have been many problems associated with moving and locating of media files shared on whatsapp. And these problems have always stemmed from either lag in reception or overload of messages and hence the media file becomes very difficult to locate after it has been downloaded. 

And sometimes, the media file is not downloaded in desired location (storage) and this is because whatsapp is one of the third party apps whose database is seated on the the internal storage (phone memory), hence media files are usually stored on the phone memory.

This post is therefore proffering a fix to that little problem.


There are 9 steps involved (Follow the signs) :

1. Open your file manager

2. Swipe right to the storage, you should see SD(if inserted) card and "internal storage"

3. Click on the internal storage and navigate down until you see the "whatsapp" folder and open the folder

4. Therein, click on the "media" folder

5. Navigate to "whatsapp audio" folder (or any other folder that contains the file you want to transfer, such as picture and video).

6. Open the the folder and hold and press the file you wish to move(it's advisable that you preview the file first to identify).

7. Having marked the files you wish to copy, click on the copy button located at the bottom (enclosed in a coloured square) to copy.

8. Press your back button after copying the file, press until you've exited the whatsapp folder and then choose the location you wish to paste whether on phone or SD card.

9. After selecting the location you want to paste it, paste the copied items with the paste bottom at the bottom (enclosed in colored square).

Then, you've successfully copied the files. To avoid duplicates, you may delete the ones in the whatsapp folder, if you wish.

Note: You can use the steps to copy other media files such pictures and videos and documents too.

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