Telecos To Start Paying 500k For Disturbing Messages

Service Providers To Pay  A Whooping 500k For Unsolicited Messages 

About 2years ago, the Nigerian telecommunication Commission introduced a "do not disturb" (DND) policy which the service providers, MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile e.t.c. were obligated to implement a month from the initiation.

In a bid to implement this policy,  a short code (2442) was introduced and with it, subscribers could opt out of the barrage of unsolicited advertorial SMS from the above named telecommunication companies.

The effectiveness of DND was slated for July 1st 2016, however, the service providers failed to comply with this directive as these service providers devised other means to pest subscribers and on some other occasions, extort them (deduction of upwards of 50naira for services you never subscribed for).
As at 2017, about 10million subscriber had entered DND zone but notwithstanding, unsolicited messages were still coming in.

This time around, there's a stringent penalty for unsolicited messages as any service provider that violates this term will be liable to a 500,000 NGN fines as revealed by Mr. Philip Eretan, Spokesperson of the NCC at the 83rd edition of Telecom Consumer Parliament (TCP) 

I guess it's high time we reaped from the extortion we've fallen victim of. As soon as this takes effect, just know that are being fined  the next time you receive an unsolicited SMS.

Nice isn't it?

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