True Caller Hits A Milestone of 100Million Daily Active Users

The widely known caller identity app (which typically helps you identify unknown callers- as long as you're connected to the internet), true caller, hits over 100million active daily users as the company revealed in a blog post.

This is absolutely a great mile-stone for a mobile-only product which first came to life in 2009 for Blackberry alone, then.

True caller in addition to its caller identification and spam-blocking, has evolved to a full-fledged communication platform featuring a handful functions such as messaging, calling and payment service over just few years. Some, like me, though feel that it has become too bloated for the primary use case that made it almost ubiquitous in some markets.

The success of the Truecaller piggybacks on emerging markets like India where spam calls are a major nuisance and privacy concerns are low. Most people don’t mind sharing their entire contacts list to gain the benefit of identifying callers and avoiding spam calls. India is a huge market, and the criticism from users in other countries is countered by the large user base in India and other emerging markets.

According to Alan Mamedi, Co-founder and CEO of Truecaller, the service has now become a resource for women’s safety in many countries, for e-commerce and courier services around the globe to facilitate the difficult last mile of delivery, and enabled more businesses to accept online payments.

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