[Video] A Crowd Supposedly Embracing Nyass On A Streetlight Pole


An uproar occasioned yesterday during the Maolud celebration in Abuja yesterday( April 14) , as a small  crowd of Sufi adherents  claimed to have  seen the face of a  late Sufi personality, "Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass" (as he's fondly called be the Sufis) on a Streetlight pole.

The news manifested an uproar as many believed the face appeared on purpose to mark the celebration.

Many of the Sufi adherents were seen struggling and keen to  climb the pole so as to touch the face of  Inyass as it is believed will be a blessing to them.

This has been the practice over years. There have been many unscrupulous and ridiculous claims associated with sighting of the man. In recent time, he was reported to have surfaced on a wall in a similar occasion and sometime, he was seen in  the sky. This man is highly revered by the Sufis and the reverence has translated into infatuation amongat scores of them. And the irony is: the man in question has been late for quite few decades. How does a dead man spring back to life?

How could you see someone who is not visible to the naked eye? Isn't this utter foolishness coupled with misguidance? Or what do you call this?

May Allah guide us all.

See the video below (1.2mb)

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