Prominent lessons derived from the death of Ummu Hassan Ustādh Abdur-Rauf Abu Nasir's golden wife

BismiLlaahir Rahmaanir Raheem


For some time now, there have been posts flying around as it relates to our sister who remains distinguished while she was alive and even obviously after her death... From those who have created time to inspire us with the biography of this sister of ours is our brother Muslim Olaribigbe Aboo Maahir.

From the little lessons/benefits i could gather from the life of this sister as excerpted from her life as narrated from the lips of her Husband may Allaah keep him steadfast upon truth includes:

1) She acquired what we may say of More than enough of knowledge at a very tender age... by 17 she already was a master of the Qur'aan and the Arabic Language and before she died at the age of barely 24, she had gained mastery of almost all the qiraa'at of the Qur'aan.

Today where are those between 17 - 24 or even Older, they are either shouting on top of their voices in viewing centers or they are on social media teaching people what they dont know.

2) Being a sister is ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFICATION NOT to reach any height of learning in this Deen, It was gathered that our late sister may Allaah pardon her was so much in love with knowledge and learning, that she had little time for the comfort of life. Her husband reported that:  "for every ten things we discussed, seven was about knowledge and learning." SubhanaLlaah!

There's no possibility in having the likes of these knowledge based discussions taking place between couples who are ignorant about their deen, even if they force themselves to discuss Deeniy issues , it wont last 5 mins before both parties get tired of deceiving themselves.

3) When Our sister saw the reality of death coming, it was reported that 'she begged ''that her two kids be trained in the path she chose for herself and more.''

Lets ask ourselves a simple question : can we actually leave such instruction at the point of death, that your kids should be groomed to become all of that which you have achieved and more? ... In her own case, she has memorized The book of Allaah in various Qiraa'aat and as well as other books of Islam (books like how to know an ideal husband and wife or enjoy your life or dont be sad are not what we are talking about)... We are talking about books that make SCHOLARS.

So whats our own legacy to be copied by your kids?

4) The husband made mention of the fact that she has written two solid books which he himself will ensure they are published... This is a clear sign of how much both husband and wife cherished knowledge.. sometimes a wife may be a lover of knowledge but the husband may just be the direct opposite.

5) Today from what many of the brothers and most especially the sisters have made from their priorities is WATCHING MOVIES... It is painfully and regrettably becoming a norm that can not be absconded from amidst the muslim youths.

The Noble Husband of our beloved sister also mentioned that, unlike the tradition of most Northern sisters, she never watched any movie, either in his house or elsewhere. She was either reciting the Qur'aan or memorising her books. She committed many Islamic books (in Arabic) to memory, and that anytime he (Abu Naasir) didn't want to forget a text he was reading, he usually mentions it to her, and she instantly memorised it, and produced it back to him whenever he needed it.


6) The sister today is widely admired, loved, prayed for and missed today for no other reason but her KNOWLEDGE and exemplary lifestyle.

Nothing honours a person more than knowledge Ikhwaah.

7) She won her husband's heart till her death and after, it is clear she was dear to her husband, it is obvious from the speeches of the husband that he is proud of her and wishes he can have more of her... All of these were not possible because of her FEMINISTIC tendencies or because she chose to be a tough wife wey no wan carry last... Rather with HER DEEN , she took "control" of her husband.

keep messing around... and be deceived that the hard way is the only way to get your husband on his knees or to get him to be at your beck and call all the time.

8) She appears to me a northerner and i think she is... and she studied there and taught there... This only tells us of how the northeners and the north is blessed.. May Allaah rectify their affairs.

I want to believe Ummu Hasan (our late sister) is same sister the husband once told us about, that when he was faced with a great challenge at a point in his life, she said to him "Aboo!, dont worry yourself.. i will seclude myself for three days and read the whole of the Qur'aan from my memory, after which i will ask Allaah using this action of mine to remove this difficulty from you"... and the husband said, she did it and Allaah removed the burden from him.

A good and hardworking woman doesnt need to tell a good man to assist her in the responsibilities of the home, ordinarily her dispositions would stimulate the responsibility of the husband.

Lastly my sisters must take a cue from the life of this 24 years old rare gem, you have in her a good example to follow especially in her quest and strive in the path of knowledge, she did not gain these knowledge and attained this height of noticeable esteem by attending camps and sisters circle... BE SERIOUS FOR ONCE, YOU HAVE NOT BEEN MADE A FEMALE TO ONLY BE OCCUPIED WITH THINGS OF AMUSEMENTS AND FUN.

may Allaah shower His mercy upon her and increase her likes in this Ummah.

Author; Ibn-ishaq Aboo Haneefah Inenemo

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